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If you have a specific Ditch Witch® trencher part or salvaged machine you are looking for call 
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Maverick, Inc. specializes in used Ditch Witch® trencher parts & salvage machines. Since 1994 we have an accumulated both a large inventory of salvage Ditch Witch® trenchers and a wealth of knowledge on these machines. We use this knowledge to get our customers the parts they need and to make sure that it will be in good working order when they get it. 


When it comes to used parts we are "All Orange". We can supply "NEW" chains, sprockets, and specific wear parts for other trenchers. However, we are sorry to say ... "we do not have used parts for any other type of trencher." 

Current salvage Ditch Witch® trenchers and attachments that are in various states of disassembly are:

  • A420 Backhoe Salvage
  • A620 Backhoe Salvage
  • VP12 Salvage
  • V30 Salvage
  • 252 Salvage
  • 1420 Salvage
  • 1820 Salvage
  • 350SX Salvage
  • 400SX Salvage
  • 410SX Salvage
  • R35 Salvage
  • R40 Salvage
  • R65 Salvage
  • 2200 Salvage
  • 2300 Salvage
  • 2310 Salvage
  • 3500 Salvage
  • 3700 Salvage
  • 3610 Salvage
  • 4010 Salvage
  • 5110 Salvage
  • 6510 Salvage
  • 7610 Salvage
  • 7020 Salvage
  • 8020 Salvage
  • 8020 Turbo Salvage

We have a wide range of salvage machines being disassembled.

Some of the parts we may have:

Axle, alternator, starter, transmission, differential, planetary, gearbox, right angle drive, backhoe cylinder, clutch assembly (clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel) ring gear and pinion, steering valve, hydraulic pump, crowd motor, driveshaft, brake caliper, Deutz Diesel Engine, Differentials (Dana 70, Dana 44, Eaton, Rockwell), etc...

We do speak trencher!

If you have something specific you are looking for feel free to call us at (800) 685-2818 or

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