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Drill Pipe & Drill Rod for Directional Drills

Horizontal Directional Drilling offers a minimal impact, trenchless method for cable, conduit, and pipe installation. Performing in the most demanding projects we can provide HDD Drill Stem for almost all small to mid-size directional drilling rigs and most manufacturers:

  • Ditch Witch
  • Vermeer
  • TT Technology
  • Toro
  • Case
  • Astec
  • Range 2 (for Maxi Drills)

High-Quality Drill Pipe

Our manufacturer is the industry authority on horizontal directional drill rods and has experience dating back to the early 90s. A manufacturing process that allows for maximum rod strength and the highest quality drill pipe. Features include:

  • Internal & External Upset ForgingDrill Rods and Drill Pipes sold by Maverick Inc.
  • Specialized Heat Trear Process
  • Precise Pin & Box Connection
  • One-Piece Internal & External (IEU) Forged Drill Pipe
  • Tensile Strength 145,000 PSI.
  • Yield Strength 135,000 PSI.
  • Manufactured to S135 Industry-Standard Specifications

Compatible Horizontal Directional Drills


D7X11, D9X13, D10x15, D16X20, D18X22, D20x22, D20X22, D24X26, D23x30, D24X40, D23x30, D36X50, D40x55 (#650 x 10'), D36X50 (#650 x 15'), D36X50, D40x55  (#700x10'), D36X50, D40x55 (#700x15'), D50x100,  D60x90, D80X100, D50x100, D60x90, D100X120, D100x140

Ditch Witch® 

JT520 Power Pipe ® HD (fine thread), JT520 Power Pipe ®  (coarse thread), JT5 Power Pipe ® HD (coarse thread), JT820, JT920, JT921, JT920L, JT9, JT922, JT10 Power Pipe ® HD (coarse), JT1220 Power Pipe ®, JT1720, JT1720 Mach 1, JT20, JT2020 Power Pipe ® HD, JT24 Power Pipe ® HD, JT25, JT30, JT2720M1 Power Pipe ® HD, JT2720 Power Pipe ®, JT2720M1, 3020M1, JT4020 Power Pipe ®, JT4020M1 Power Pipe ®, JT40 Power Pipe ®HD, JT60 Power Pipe ® HD, JT7020, JT8020, JT100 Power Pipe ® HD

Range 2 Drill Pipe

New or Premium Used Range 2 Drill Pipes for all makes and models of Maxi Drills

TT Technology, Toro® & Universal HDD Drill Rods

All makes and models of Directional Drills. TT Technology, Toro® & Universal HDD Drills

Knowledgeable Service

High-quality drill rods and service at a competitive price. We are here to make sure you get the drill pipe to fit your equipment and keep your horizontal directional drilling project on schedule.

We offer an array of products related to the underground construction industry. From reel trailers, trenching equipment, and a variety of parts used to service much of the equipment we sell.


Drill Rods and Drill Pipes sold by Maverick Inc.

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