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Maverick Tile Finder "V2"

The "ALL NEW" Tile Finder "V2" consist of a fiberglass reinforced inductive rod. The reel is used for locating the route of underground pipes or field tile systems. This makes it an excellent tool for maintenance and repair of clay, concrete or corrugated plastic field tile. 

The reel contains 650' of rod that is rigid, yet flexible enough to guide into non metallic and metallic pipes that are over 1” in diameter. 

New Features include:

  • Sturdier Reinforced Frame 
  • Grease-able Pillow Block Bearings
  • Cord Friendly Always Connected Slip Ring
  • Quick Latch Reel Stop
  • High Traction Rewind Reel

For more information or to purchase: Call (800) 685-2818 or EMAIL US

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