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Maverick "Tile Finder" Package

Package Includes:

  • 650' Reel 
  • Assisted Manual Rewind
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Ground Probe
  • Connection Leads
  • Waterproof Hard Case
  • Batteries


  • 512 Hz Sonde
  • Hitch Carrier

The MAVERICK " Tile Finder" consist of a transmitter, receiver and a reel of copper cored 3/8” composite rod. The reel is used for locating the route of underground duct, plastic pipes or clay tile. This makes it an excellent tool for maintenance and repair of field tile networks. It contains 650' of rod that is rigid, yet flexible enough to guide into non metallic and metallic pipes that are over 1” in diameter. There is a terminal connection and a tension brake for slowing down or stopping reel rotation.

The transmitter box has 2 frequencies (82 kHz & 512 Hz), 3 power levels and an induction mode. The hand held receiver is programmed to receive 82 kHz, 512 Hz and a 60 Hz passive frequency for live power. We use 82 kHz to locate the rod on our Maverick Systems. However, with the other frequencies you would have the ability to locate our 512 Hz Sonde or all types of utilities including phone, cable, electric, gas and water.

Remember! You are still required to call "811" before you dig.  


The MAVERICK tile finding system is very simple to use. After inserting the rod into the pipe, apply the 82 kHz signal from the direct connection lead of the transmitter to the terminal and connect the other lead of the transmitter to a ground probe, which then excites the full length of the rod. Turn on your receiver, listen for tone and begin marking your path. 



 Our systems are built to be highly "water resistant". Disassembly will compromise the factory seal.  All electronics (lasers, phones, etc...) are vulnerable to water if proper care is not taken.  Be sure to thoroughly dry off units and dry out case before closing up for storage! To avoid corrosion remove batteries if being stored for long periods of time!

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