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Power Rewind Kit

New in 2020. The Power Rewind Kit is something people have been asking for. We wanted to make sure we could deliver a product that works. This one not only works, it checks a few more boxes. With a quick attach/detach bracket we wanted to be sure it had easy in the field the operation. With a power return design we lessen the chance of rod damage on attempting to use as a power feed. Also, included is a Solar Assisted Power Box with a Switch Solenoid built in. 

What's included:

  • 12V 60:1 Power Motor
  • Coupler
  • Quick Attach Bracket
  • Battery Cables
  • Solar Panel
  • Battery Box
  • Switch Solenoid
  • Auxiliary Plug
  • Push Button Switch

For more information or to purchase: Call (800) 685-2818 or EMAIL US


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