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Pole & Stick Pipe Trailers

Stick Pipe Trailers and Pole Trailers are used to move all types of plastic, steel, and concrete pipe. They have either a rear telescoping or front & rear telescoping, Bulkhead to bumper retracted length of 30’ 6″ to an available extended length up to 40’ 6″, a 30” high removable bulkhead, material boxes, available 10” channel double-boxed mainframe, 6” channel cross members, open floor plan, dual 7,000 lb. or 10,000 lb. axles. These are usually built to specs that fit most applications. We understand one size does not fit all with this one. We can build these to suit your needs. 


More about the 'Telescoping Stick Pipe Trailer' product

Model: 41SPT10K

Dual 7,000 or 10,000 lb Axles

Available Retracted Length: 27'6" 

Up to Extended Length: 40'6”

10" Channel Frame

Custom designed to fit your needs

More about the 'Pole & Material Trailer PMT 20K' product

Model: PMT20K

Color: Black

(2) 10,000 lb. axles

7” channel mainframe

Overall width: 96”

Overall retracted length: 25’ (extended length: 40’)

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