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Gas or Irrigation Coil Pipe Trailers

Maverick is the utility construction equipment and trailer dealer in Iowa that you can trust for quality products and service. We provide coiled line pipe trailers for transportation and installation of underground piping. Our heavy-duty coiled pipe trailers can handle coiled pipe carousel diameters of 96” and 102” with an adjustable cage and pipe diameters up to 4”.

Versatile in its uses for underground utility contractors, these rugged trailers are often used to install natural gas pipes and irrigation pipes. Available with either standard 3,500 lb trailer axles or heavy-duty 7,500 lb trailer axles, you can buy the trailer with the weight capacity to handle your specific tasks.

Trailers with hydraulic lifts make work easier, which is why Maverick coil pipe trailers come standard with an electric/hydraulic system (hand pumps can be ordered). To aid in use and performance, our coiled pipe trailers have a poly tire payout and an easy-to-operate hand brake assembly. For additional ease of installing underground gas pipes or underground irrigation systems, an optional  2” line tamer can be fitted to the trailer.




More about the '400 Gas Coil Pipe Trailer' product

Model: 400CPSL

Color: Yellow

Self Loading

GVWR: 7,000 lbs.

Maximum Pipe Diameter: Up to 4"  

5" Channel Frame

More about the 'Coil Pipe 2

Color: Yellow

Adapts to our Self Loading Coil Pipe Pipe Trailers 

Straightens and Re-rounds 2" Pipe

Multiple Positions

When you purchase your irrigation or gas coil pipe trailer from Maverick Inc., you are getting a durable trailer designed with performance and safety in mind. In addition to quality reel trailers, Maverick also carries a wide assortment of utility construction equipment, ranging from trenching machines to directional drilling equipment and tile locators.

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