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Gas or Irrigation Coil Pipe Trailers

The Self-Loading Coil Pipe Trailers cover a range of size up to 6". The 100, 300 & 400 Series feature a 5” channel mainframe & tongue, carousel diameters: 80”, 96”, 102" w/adjustable cage, rotating pipe carousel w/hand brake, a poly tire pipe payout, 1" to 4" pipe capacity, electric/hydraulic lift (opt. hydraulic hand pump) and 3,500 lb. or 7,000 lb. axle options. Available with 2" Line Tamer option. 

In addition, we have a Vertical Coil Pipe Trailer. It is the largest of the coil pipe trailers we carry. It features an 8” channel frame,  tread plate catwalks, tracer wire holder will hold pipe from 3" to 6" that are up to 120” diameter and has two 7,000 lb. axles. Available with 3-6" Line Tamer option. 


More about the '1.5-3

Model: 300CPSL

Color: Yellow

Self Loading

GVWR: 3,500 lbs.

Maximum Pipe Capacity: 1.5"-3"

5" Channel Frame

More about the '2-4

Model: 400CPSL

Color: Yellow

Self Loading

GVWR: 7,000 lbs.

Maximum Pipe Capacity: 2"-4"

5" Channel Frame

More about the 'Coil Pipe 2

Color: Yellow

Adapts to our Self Loading Coil Pipe Pipe Trailers 

Straightens and Re-rounds 2" Pipe

Multiple Positions

More about the 'Gas Coil Pipe Trailer With Line Tamer 3-6

Model: 600CPTLT

GVWR: 14,000 lbs.

Maximum Pipe Capacity: 3"-6"

8" Channel Frame

Maximum reel diameter: 120"

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