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Maverick, Inc. offers single, double, triple, four reel trailers that are used to transport one, two, three, four reels for utility construction products including inner duct, fiber, cable, gas or irrigation coil pipe, stick pipe, utility poles and more. 

These trailers cover a wide range of uses and industries including power companies, municipalities, gas, utility, irrigation, telecom, and private or individual contractors. Regardless, of the size of your company, we do our best to understand your needs. We know the importance of having a trailer when you need it. That is why we carry one of the, if not the largest inventories of IN STOCK trailers of this type you will find. We take pride in the inventory we try to keep on hand. We also will deliver quickly and make sure it is a trailer you can use for a long time. We have a reputation for being a fair, reliable supplier of premium quality and durable products.

Single Reel Trailer For Sale from Maverick Inc.

Our Single Reel Trailers include an economical "Drop On". It is a very sturdy trailer and features a standard 7,000 lb axle. The "CG". This is our most popular contractor-grade trailer. We realize that one day you are pulling cable and the next day duct. The 7,000 lb or 10,000 lb CG's are made specifically for those situations. The "MG" is one heavy-duty single reel trailer. This one will primarily be used in municipalities, by electrical contractors, or now in the solar and wind farm industries. They are offered in 7,000 lb or 10,000 lb, feature a heavier channel frame and reel support springs. Also, to increase overall function you can add a power rewind unit.  

Whether you choose the CG or MG you will be making the right choice. They are both self-loading, have a multi-position reel rack, and for better load control come standard with dual hand pumps (electric/hydraulic available). These cable & duct reel trailers are perfect for transporting conduit, inner duct and all types of reel mounted material.

Multi Reel Trailer For Sale from Maverick Inc.

Multi Reel Trailers come in a variety of sizes and weight ratings. Most of our trailers will hold up to a 120" Reel. The most common sizes are doubletriple and four reels. These are offered with both dual 7,000 lb or 10,000 lb axles. With custom options such as self-loading or an additional axle, we can accommodate many of the uses these are needed for. Like our single reels, they are perfect for transporting all types of reel mounted material. 

Self Loading Coil Pipe Trailer For Sale from Maverick Inc.

The Self-Loading Coil Pipe Trailers cover a range of size up to 4". The 300 & 400 Series feature a 5” channel mainframe & tongue, carousel diameters: 96”, 102" w/adjustable cage, rotating pipe carousel w/hand brake, a poly tire pipe payout, 1" to 4" pipe capacity, electric/hydraulic lift (opt. hydraulic hand pump) and 3,500 lb. or 7,000 lb. axle options. Available with 2" Line Tamer option. 


Used Reel Trailers For Sale from Maverick Inc.

We do buy and sell used trailers. These come and go fairly quickly. Be sure to check in and see what we have in stock! 

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