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With the expansion of our product lines, Maverick, Inc. (formerly Heartland Construction Equipment) has become an experienced supplier of underground utility construction equipment and replacement parts. Call (800) 685-2818 Our product lines include reel trailers, field tile locating systems (including the Maverick " Tile Finder "), used Ditch Witch® trenchers and plows, used Ditch Witch® parts and salvage or dismalted machines, trencher chain, sprockets and wear parts, horizontal directional drilling equipment, and directional drill tooling. With our roots in the heartland, we have been, and will always be, your trusted equipment partner.

Reel Trailers

Regardless, of the size of your company, we do our best to understand your needs. We know the importance of having a trailer when you need it and that it is a trailer you can use for a long time. We have a reputation for being a fair, reliable supplier of premium quality and durable products. Maverick, Inc. offers single, double, triple, four reel trailers that are used to transport one, two, three, four reels for utility construction products including: inner duct, fiber, cable, gas or irrigation coil pipe, stick pipe, utility poles and more. 

Field Tile Locating Systems

From the company the introduced the Maverick " Tile Finder "

Field tile has been used to remove subsurface water for over a century. It is most prevalent in the Midwest and Eastern U.S. Layers of clay and other conditions beneath the soil do not let water drain off. This lack of drainage increases the level of the water table or water retention and in turn, has a profound impact on crop yields. 

It is important to locate the existing tile when trying to repair a system that is not draining properly or installing the additional tile. Locating these existing tile structures can be very time-consuming. It can leave people perplexed, frustrated, and with limited solutions. We here at Maverick, Inc. believe the best solution for locating tile is to transmit an inductive signal from within the tile and use a receiver to locate it on the surface.

HDD & Trenching Equipment

At Maverick, Inc, we are specialists in used cable plows, trenching equipment, trencher wear parts, horizontal directional drilling equipment, directional drill tooling and new or used Lineward Cable Plows. We don't stop there. If you are looking for used Ditch Witch® parts. We have a large inventory of salvage and dismantled Ditch Witch® trenchers and plows. 

Which Parts?

Maverick, Inc. carries the parts, accessories, and equipment you need to dig. We have been in business since 1994 and have 55 years of combined experience in the trenching and directional boring industry. We use this experience to get our customers the parts they need and to make sure that it will be in good working order when they get it. 

We pride ourselves on fast turn-around times, great shipping rates, high quality, and personal service!

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